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The Mirror of the future
POSH iMirror available in Canada and US
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  • Technology With Purpose
  • iMirror Virtual Concierge
  • Advertise, Multi-touch & Gesture Powered
  • Use your time better
  • Demographic Specific Advertising and Analytics

Reflections that Matter!

The POSH iMirror truly is the mirror of the future! Whether your needs are as simple as upgrading your home, adding an advertising platform for digital media, or as complex as a revenue generating, customer captivating, retention and loyalty centre, the POSH iMirror is the product for you. Available in a multitude of shapes and sizes, the POSH iMirror features full HD video, sound capabilities, an integrated downloadable content management system, full digital media integrated platform, API & SDK for business applications, and a custom app downloading centre. Designed to impress, the POSH iMirror doesn’t require any additional power needs and can run through a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection. With a number of customizable interactive interfaces to choose from, the POSH iMirror transforms your mirror into a time saving, revenue generating necessity.

Available in touch or gesture interactions, the POSH iMirror seamlessly integrates into businesses and homes delivering an incredible interactive surface that redefines efficiency. Order online or find the distributor nearest you today and prepare for a full HD, easy to use experience that will empower your home, customers, and business.